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नेपाल में राजनीतिक घमासान:ओली और प्रचंड के हाथ से अब पार्टी का नाम भी गया, सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने दोनों के दलों के तीन साल पुराने विलय को रद्द किया


The political upsurge in Nepal is increasing day by day. In the latest development, the name of the Nepal Communist Party has also been taken away from the hands of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and his arch-rival Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda. The Supreme Court, hearing a writ, canceled the merger of Oli and Prachanda’s party in 2018 and handed over the title of Nepali Communist Party (NCP) to senior Communist leader Rishi Katyal.


Justice Kumar Regmi and Bom Kumar Shrestha, while giving a verdict on the nearly three-year-old case on Sunday, said that when a party of this name is already registered, how can a new party be formed under that name. After the verdict, Katyal’s lawyer Dandapani Podel expressed happiness over his victory.


Katyal’s party name was also NCP,
Rishi Katyal is an old communist leader. He filed a writ in the court in 2018 after the merger between Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s Nepal Communist Party (UML) and his arch-rival Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda’s party, Nepal Communist Party (Maoist Center). In which Katyal claimed that the law does not allow the existence of two parties with the same name. Actually, Katyal had already registered in the Election Commission in the name of Nepali Congress Party.


The Election Commission’s decision was overturned in the
2017 Nepal elections where the UML won 121 seats and the Maoist Center won 53 seats. The two later merged their party under an agreement between Oli and Prachanda. The new party was renamed Nepal Communist Party in 2018 after the merger. These parties became the largest party in Parliament with about two-thirds of the seats.


Oli is happy and disappointed, the
Supreme Court has expressed happiness on the decision of the Supreme Court, KP Sharma Oli. Oli’s Finance Minister Bishnu Pandey said that we respect the verdict, we believe in the independence of the judiciary. At the same time, Prachanda has called the Supreme Court’s decision beyond expectations. The Prachanda-led faction also held an emergency meeting after the verdict.


The decision to dissolve the Parliament was also canceled
. There is already a tussle between Oli and Prachanda for the post of party president and prime minister. At the moment, the two factions were acting as two parties, although Parliament was dissolved on 20 December by Prime Minister Oli. The Supreme Court, while hearing the petitions filed in the case, canceled the government’s decision and reinstated the Parliament. Now the merger of the two parties is over with the defeat of the title of the Nepali Communist Party. In such a situation, both will have to return to the old condition. That is, you will have to work with your old team. Or will have to apply for a merger again, which does not seem possible.

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