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पत्नी की नजर में इमरान:PAK PM की पत्नी बुशरा बीबी ने शेल्टर होम का दौरा किया; बोलीं- हर कामयाब आदमी के पीछे उसकी पत्नी का हाथ


It has been more than two years since Imran Khan became the Prime Minister of Pakistan. During this time, his third wife appeared in public only for the second time. Arrived for Jiyarat at a dargah in Lahore. After this, participated in a program being run for the poor. During this time the media asked him – what would you say about Imran Khan’s tenure? Bushra’s response was astonishing to the media. He said – behind every successful man is his wife’s hand. Is not my point true? And if this is not true then what is it?


Bushra Bibi, seen with friends, reached Hazrat Daatganj Bakhsh Dargah in Lahore on Monday. After this, he took stock of the Shelter Home located at some distance from here. Bushra’s closest friend Farhat Shehzadi was also with him. A large garland and ring was visible in Burkanshi Bushra’s hand. He interacted with the people living in the shelter home. Heared their sufferings and after that gave necessary instructions to the officers.


While talking to the media on the way
, after spending some time in the shelter home, Bushra left from here, a local reporter asked – Wazir-e-Azam what is the secret of Imran Khan’s success? Imran’s answer to Shariq-e-Hayat was – his wife is behind every successful person. Am i wrong If this is not true, then what is the truth?


Bushra said- My husband’s government has provided a roof to those people who were living in the open sky till now. This is their right.


Who is Bushra Bibi is
Imran’s third wife. Imran was first married to Jemima Goldsmith of British descent. The marriage lasted from 1995 to 2004. They have two sons from this marriage. The second wife’s name was Reham Khan. Reham-Imran’s wedding (2015) lasted only 10 months. Rehm was an anchor at the BBC. Three years ago, Imran (then 65) married Bushra Maneka. Imran also considers him to be his spiritual teacher. Bushra has children from her first marriage.


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